I was honored to be the 2015 Community Artist in the Parks!  

The Community Artist in the Parks is a 7-month volunteer position with the Southeast Utah Group of the National Park Service, which consists of Arches & Canyonlands national parks and Natural Bridges and Hovenweep national monuments.  It runs seven months from April-October.  

In that time, I logged over 400 hours, contacted over 300 visitors, and created a body artwork that includes over 100 sketches.  Being the Community Artist in the Parks was fun, rewarding, and a total whirlwind!  I'm going to miss being out there in the parks and interacting with visitors.  

I hosted seven monthly "sketch crawls".  Similar to the age-old tradition of a pub crawl where people go from pub to pub and drink, in a sketch crawl people go from location to location and sketch.  I would pick one day each month, a national park or monument, then 3-4 different locations with set times.  Visitors could come and go.  I provided art materials or people could bring their own.  It was a huge hit and I was blown away by the positive response of visitors!