Commission Artwork by Katrina Lund

My commission projects have ranged from menu guide covers and surprise wedding gifts to collaborations with national parks and government agencies. You can view some of my recent work below.

Yet Another Beautiful Day. Private Collection. 18” x 58”. Pen & ink and watercolor.

Castleton Tower. Private collection. 18” x 24”. Watercolor.

Washer Woman. Private collection. 20” x 24”. Watercolor.

Monitor & Merrimac Buttes. Private collection. 12” x 36”. Watercolor.

This fish was stolen after three weeks! So I had to make another one. I’ve always wondered where it ended up. Over a fireplace somewhere? In a garage??

Endangered Colorado Pike Minnow (historically 6 ft long!), on park bench at Split Mountain boat ramp in Dinosaur National Monument, Utah. Acrylic on steel.